How To Identify The Right Coin Dealer?

Inheriting a coin collection or just turning your coin investments into cash – you should never rush to sell your rare collections. Silver dollars too are regarded as rare coins given they belong to an old time period and come with their own perceived history.

For making a sale of your silver dollar you need a reliable dealer who understands the value of coin investments. These dealers have day-to-day expertise and knowledge of the market to give you the best deals. Here is how you can identify the right coin dealer.

Reputable and registered dealers

Dealers to sell or buy precious metals need to register themselves with reputed organizations. Here the certification tells you if the dealer has been entrusted by the government to act in the market. Their website, customer reviews and even the store shall replicate the image much similar to a reputed organization. Look for the authoritative certifications to understand their certifications.

Deal with the dealers in person

Any genuine dealer with never quote or appraise the price of a precious coin over a phone call. As the rare coins need a physical study of condition, importance and value the dealers like to talk to the clients in person. A little negotiation is expected by dealing with the dealers in person gives the deal credibility!

The price that dealers pay!

If you have already valued your silver dollar on the basis of the retail value listed by the government, you might feel cheated from even the most trusted dealers. Dealers generally provide for a little less than the actual retail price. This is because they have to bear the cost of their business too. It only makes sense that dealers would charge for their services.

Compare the quotes from multiple dealers

It is best to approach at least 2-3 dealers before selling your valuable silver dollar. Compare the deal given by the dealers and choose the one which seems the most viable.  The one who offers the least of cuts in prices and offers instant cash transaction is probably the best!


Make the transaction quick

Even the most reputable dealers will issue a record of transaction for the deal made. Urge to make the transaction in cash and ask for the sale bill to keep a record of it. The more reputed the dealer is the quick is the transaction followed by easy release of cash.

Finding the right dealer for your rare silver dollar might seem skeptical but is quite easy given you take the precautionary steps. Go ahead and turn a coin into fortune!

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